2017-2018 waiver and consent form

I understand that that I, or my minor child will be evaluated by Dance Art instructors and placed in the class appropriate for my age and abilities.  Some movement from class to class may occur, however, parents will support the instructor’s decision.

I understand that tuition, costume deposits, and recital fees are non-refundable and no credit is issued for classes missed due to illness, schedule conflicts or departure early from class.   It has been made clear to me that there is an opportunity to make up any missed classes. If make-ups cannot be utilized, no credit or refunds will be issued.

I understand that Dance Art Dance Studio season runs through mid-June 2018 and that if for any reason I plan on withdrawing from classes at Dance Art Dance Studio. I need to give written notice 30 days prior to withdrawal date or I will be responsible for any payments outstanding within that 30-day period.

I understand that tuition is due the first lesson of each month.

I give my permission to use my, or my minor child’s, photographed image in advertising, brochures, articles in the newspaper, and on Dance Art’s website.

 I have read and understand the Dance Art Dance Studio Parent 2017-2018  Information Brochure.